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Video: Zach Randolph Punches Louis Amundson

Last night the Phoenix Suns beat up on the Los Angeles Clippers, 140-100. Zach Randolph tried his best to make sure that the beating wasn’t one-sided.

Randolph got tangled up with Louis Amundson under the hoop, with Amundson falling to the floor. As Louis tried to get up, Randolph stood over him. Once both players were standing in each other’s face, Zach Randolph then punched his pony-tailed counterpart.

The Suns’ Matt Barnes summed up the whole incident the best: “Zach’s crazy.”

As for Randolph, he downplayed the incident & accused Amundson of trying to kiss him.

“He ran up in my face, I just got him up out of my face,” Randolph said. “He hopped up, got in my face and almost kissed me in my mouth, so I just pushed him out of my face.”

So was it a push? Or a punch? Well, neither, really. According to both players, it was really a just a slap.

“If I would have hit him he wouldn’t have got up off the ground,” Randolph said.

“Basically, he just threw me down when I was going for a rebound,” Amundson said. “I was on the floor and could feel him on top of me, kind of like stepping on me — I don’t know what he was trying to do. So I got up, and I was pretty upset about the whole situation, got in his face, then he did what he did.”

When asked if Randolph hit him with an open hand, and he said “Yeah, open hand.” Amundson agreed that if he had been punched, he probably would not have gotten up.

“Probably so, but he would have been sitting out a little longer than he is,” Amundson said. “I’m not going to back down from anybody, I don’t care who you are in this league.”

All of the Suns definitely showed that last night, as they took their punches and rolled to an easy win for their new coach Alvin Gentry.

Zach Randolph Ejected for Throwing a Punch at Suns’ Amundson [Fanhouse]

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