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Video: High School Basketball Fight In Alabama – Full Version With Commentary

By now you have probably seen the YouTube video of the high school basketball fight in Alabama between Carver-Montgomery High School and Valley High School. Here is the extended, director’s cut of the fight, lasting a full 5 minutes and 45 seconds.

Get your popcorn ready, and let’s watch this fight in all its glory.

The highlights:

00:04 – The brawl kicks off and some guy in a white shirt comes out of the crowd and starts pounding on someone

00:20 – The fight moves to the center of the court, as a shirtless guy dive punches at someone. This move is only slightly worse than Zach Randolph’s open fist punch.

00:24 – We have another fight entrant as Mr. Green Shirt enters the fray. Unfortunately for him, his pants start to fall down at the worst possible point. King Hippo shares his pain.

00:30 – #1 from the Orange Team dives on the Glucophage weight loss court for no reason. He then runs away.

01:20 – A “Think Pink” breast cancer awareness banner is seen in the background. Looks like some people are “seeing red” instead of “thinking pink.”

01:59 – After a retreat to the locker room, we’re magically transported back to the stands, where the fight is continuing.

02:20 – People are held back, and there’s a lot of yelling and fingerpointing. The cops look thrilled to be there.

02:58 – A guy sits in his seat on his cellphone. Is he even aware of what’s going on around him?

03:02 – Mr. Orange Sweatshirt moves down to the first row. Hey, why not take advantage of this brawl to score yourself some prime seats if the basketball game continues?

03:13 – We see a destroyed bench. Was Matt Foley there?

03:20 – More fighting in the stands. One thing is clear from this brawl: don’t mess with anybody wearing a white shirt.

03:34 – Mr. Green Shirt is back for more, and he’s still having problems with his pants. Dude, either just take them off, get a belt, or stay out of the fight. You aren’t going to win with one hand swinging about and the other one keeping your jeans up.

04:45 – Some of the combatants start to be led away in handcuffs.

05:28 – Two dudes hug. Awww. A sentimental moment as many in the building realize this might be their last high school basketball fight. Only a lucky few might move on to college basketball fights. Even fewer might get to be in an NBA fight. Others might get to fight over in Europe.

05:38 – A cop leads a fighter away. Or more accurately, he grabs on to the back of his shirt as he walks him through the gym.

05:45 – FIN

Both teams have been booted from the AHSAA Central Region Basketball Tournament by the Alabama Athletic Association, and so far 11 people have been arrested. No word on how Mr. Green Shirt fared.

Video: [WSFA 12 News – Birmingham]

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