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Daily Rubbish: More A-Rod Questions

Enough with the boring questions, let’s ask A-Rod what we really want to hear some answers to.

Jason Richardson got caught doing 90 in a 35 zone with his kid in the backseat without a child seat. Well, if you’re not going to have your child in a safety seat, you want to get him home as quickly as possible.

Ballroom dancing: Putting the pubic in public television.

Will Pittsburgh be the new Secret World of Alex Mack? I just hope Larisa Oleynik is involved.

Kobe Bryant can’t name his own bad rap song. I don’t blame him.

Dwight Howard had some fun at the All-Star Weekend.

Mmm… the San Francisco Dog, the only hot dog that goes well with a glass of water from McCovey Cove.

Danica Patrick had her tramp stamp photoshopped out of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She then threw a hissy fit, drove home, and spun her car out entering her driveway.

And finally, fantasy razzball? Count me in. Sports Rubbish and rubbish baseball players are a match made in heaven.

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