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Video: Frankie Hejduk Slapped By Paco Ramirez After U.S. Slaps Mexico 2-0 In World Cup Qualifier

Following last night’s USA beatdown of Mexico 2-0, assistant Mexican soccer coach Paco Ramirez had some words for American Frankie Hejduk. To accompany those words, he had a slap.

Afterward, Hejduk said:

“I was just trying to pump the crowd up [as he was leaving the field]. I was actually saying, ‘F*&% yeah!’ I think they thought I was saying, ‘F*&% you.’ It was a misunderstanding and I can see why they would be a little bit upset if they thought I was saying the other one, which I wasn’t. At the end of the day, no one was hurt. There was a little love tap and that was it. I still have my face. No damage done. It was fun. That’s just how emotional this game is and that’s how passionate they are about their sport. It was none of their players — I want to make that clear to everyone.”

So while the American players like Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan were slapping Mexico all over the field, their coaches resorted to actual slaps once the match was finished. Just another dirty move in a long history of them for the Mexican team against the United States.

As long as the USA keeps winning these soccer games though, they won’t mind.

The Hejduk Incident [Washington Post]

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