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Southampton Soccer Players David McGoldrick And Bradley Wright-Phillips Accused Of Kebab Meat Attack

When they were growing up, Southampton strikers David McGoldrick and Bradley Wright-Phillips were probably told not to beat their meat. Someone should have told them not to beat others with their meat.

Following a night out on the town in Southampton after their match against Watford was canceled, McGoldrick and Wright-Phillips then went for a bite to eat.

After a good night out drinking, it’s the British tradition to then finish off the night with a kebab AKA a giant wad of meat that rotates and pieces are then cut off of.

According to police reports, rather than just eating their kebabs like normal drunks, David McGoldrick and Bradley Wright-Phillips then used their kebab purchases in an Zanaflex high against a 21-year-old Portsmouth man.

The man “alleged that he was left covered in takeaway food and nursing grazes and bruising following the incident.”

Police are reviewing videotapes, but so far no charges have been filed.

It is very lucky that this man survived the incident. Recent news reports in Canadian generic retin have claimed that the doner kebab is incredibly deadly.

Of course, that’s probably because one of them can contain up to 1,990 calories, as well as very high levels of sodium and fat. But they sure are tasty after a night of beer.

Fan accuses Saints players David McGoldrick and Bradley Wright-Phillips [Southern Daily Echo]
Which footballers are in trouble with the police for a “kebab meat attack”? [The Spoiler]

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