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Daily Rubbish: Fox, Stop With The Mascots Already

Fox is giving their NASCAR mascot Digger his own show. This falls between “all the left turns” and “can’t understand the accents” on the list of reasons why I don’t like NASCAR.

All of these guys were very lucky to have signed huge contracts before the economy tanked. Their teams and the fans of their teams? Well, at least they’ll have targets for heckling this year.

The latest athlete to be the target of a lawsuit? Troy Vincent.

Another sports angel: The Legend of Bobby Jenks.

A-Rod was clearly concerned the night before his steroid use was revealed. If only these ladies knew about his shrunken testicles.

Will Ferrell talks about sports and his new HBO show, Eastbound and Down.

And finally, things like this Arizona Diamondbacks preview get me excited for baseball season.

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