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United States vs. Mexico 2010 World Cup Qualifier Live Blog

For the past few years, I have written preview/live blogging posts for each of the matchups between the United States and Mexico. In each one, I posted the above video to get ready for the match. Unfortunately, WMG is now censoring the video so you can’t see it how it’s truly intended.

So crank up “Welcome To The Jungle” and get ready: The USA vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier from Columbus will be starting soon.

The U.S. team has dominated Mexico on American soil in recent years. Mexico has not won in the United States in a very long time, with the U.S. sporting an 8-0-2 home record since 2000.

Even a friendly match between these two countries is not at all friendly, so when there is a meeting with something on the line, which is the case tonight, this should be a great match for North American supremacy. While both countries are expected to easily qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, neither will want to be looked upon as 2nd best in the region.

Check back here for live updates as the match progresses. The match will kick off at 7pm Eastern on ESPN2.


4:04: Cold? Wind? Rain? I love it. Sven Goran Eriksson comparing it to Albania? Not so much.

4:11: The National Anthems play, and it sounds like a great U.S. crowd as always in Columbus. Yes, U.S. soccer gave up money to play in a smaller stadium, but there’s nothing like the home field advantage there.

4:14: We’re off. Looks like the rain has stopped for now, but that pitch is going to be very waterlogged.

4:17: Howard had to make a save way too quickly there, as Mexico was basically able to walk in on goal. If the U.S. can’t defend and clear better than that, it’s going to be a long night.

4:20: And now a free kick from Mexico is pretty close to the target. U.S. finally taking it onto the Mexican side after a few minutes of play.

4:24: Awful giveaway there. The sloppy play continues but so far no damage done.

4:25: Nice cross by Beasley, but nobody can connect. Another nice cross then ends up giving the U.S. the first corner of the match.

4:26: DaMarcus Beasley sends it in, the ball bounced around the box for a bit, but Mexico cleared. The U.S. gets it back, only to be called offside.

4:34: The United States will have a free kick in a great position right outside the box after Brian Ching draws a shove to the back.

4:35: Landon Donovan strikes it just wide… and ESPN then breaks in to talk about Brett Favre. Hey guys, the match is still going on here.

4:39: Okay, I don’t mind the ESPN cross-promotion quite as much if they are talking about ASU. But since when is ASU/UCLA a rivalry worthy of showcasing during Rivalry Week? It will be a good game between Pac-10 opponents, but that’s it.

4:40: Pedro Gomez shows off one of the voodoo dolls. John Harkes points out that the red-haired doll looks like Carrot Top, so let’s all hope Carrot Top has been cursed.

4:42: Beasley has been all over the place so far. I thought the wet turf might slow him down, but so far he’s been everywhere. Guess the time in Scotland has him used to it, even if he hasn’t been getting match time.

4:46: Mexico’s Nery Castillo is down hurt. Seeing as he had the ball, was running, and just pulled off, this definitely looks legit. Will Mexico have to make an early substitution?

4:47: Israel Martinez comes in for Mexico.

4:50: Howard makes another save, this time on Medina, who was last seen kicking Carlos Bocanegra on a dangerous play.

4:53: Now Mexico has a free kick in good position after Bocanegra commits a foul.

4:54: Tim Howard easily makes the save. He’s been tested, but so far has stopped everything.

4:56: Good sportsmanship in a U.S. vs. Mexico match? That must be a first. USA corner.

4:57: Long kick, bounces around, USA GOAL! 1-0 – Michael Bradley bangs it home!

4:58: Great play on that set piece. Beasley sent it to Donovan, who got it back to the box for Oguchi Oneywu, then Bradley put it in. The U.S. continues to have Mexico on their heels as we approach the end of the 1st half.

5:00: We reach halftime. USA 1, Mexico 0. It took the U.S. team a while to get going, but they weathered the storm and ended up with the clear momentum.


5:17: And we’re back for the 2nd half. Mexico starts with an early free kick that is once again saved by Tim Howard.

5:20: Landon Donovan sends in a corner for the United States, but Oswaldo Sanchez fists it away.

5:23: Clint Dempsey strips the ball away deep in Mexican territory, but can’t do anything with it.

5:30: Mexico with a substitution. Zinna comes on for Alberto Medina.

5:33: A dubious foul called on Donovan in the Mexican box.

5:35: Mexico with a free kick, which then leads to a battle in the box. Looks like the ball was off the post or a Mexican player. The ball came out, was up in the air, then as Tim Howard leapt for it, the Mexican captain Rafael Marquez jumped at him studs up. Marquez gets an immediate red and the United States will have an 11-10 advantage in this one. Howard looks like he’s okay. Just another dirty play in a rivalry that has been filled with them throughout the years.

5:40: Play is getting dirtier. Mexico is clearly getting frustrated.

5:45: 11 on 10 is looking like 21 on 10 right now. Mexico can barely keep the ball and is chasing the Americans all over the field.

5:48: Donovan with a pass to Frankie Hejduk, who shoots it far wide.

5:50: Mexico with their first corner kick, and first failure on a corner kick.

5:52: Landon Donovan to take another corner for the USA, but it goes right to a Mexican defender.

5:53: Jozy Altidore enters the match for Brian Ching as the first U.S. substitution of the match.

5:55: Altidore fights hard, but can’t keep the ball 1-on-1 with no help.

5:57: Another subsitution as Ricardo Clark comes on for Sacha Kljestan.

6:00: Mexico managing to retain possession and slowly working toward the U.S. goal. We enter the 90th minute with the U.S. finally getting it back.

6:01: 3 minutes of added time as the U.S. goes on a counter that is stopped by the Mexican defense.

6:02: Altidore & Donovan break, but hold up to retain possession. They get it to Bradley, who shoots from a long distance to score his 2nd goal of the game, sealing the win for the USA. USA 2, Mexico 0!

6:05: FINAL: USA 2, MEXICO 0

Yet another 2-0 final score, and yet another American victory. The only place Mexico can beat the U.S. is at Azteca in Mexico City, and one has to wonder just how much longer it will be before the Americans can break through there. There was some sloppy play early, but Donovan and Bradley led the team to the win. If Landon can keep setting up goals and guys like Bradley can keep finishing, the U.S. will be optimistic heading through qualifying and into the World Cup. Sven Goran Eriksson and Mexico will be much less optimistic after this result.

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  • ehamme32

    Sven-Goran to Mexico? When did that happen?

  • Matt Clapp

    Dammit, Landon JUST missed.

  • ehamme32

    I doubt a Donovan voodoo doll is necessary for him to suck.

  • ehamme32

    Naturally, he makes me sound stupid, but oh well.

  • Jonathan

    That corner was a thing of beauty. Nobody gave up, and Mexico paid the price for not being able to get anyone on it.