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Video: Aussie Rules Football Teammates Fight Each Other

It takes some courage to play Australian Rules Football, and that’s before you even take the field in a real match.

During a recent practice for their team, Carlton Blues, Setanta O’hAilpin and Cameron Cloke got into a fight. Technically, it’s a fight, but it really ends up being more of a beating, as O’hAilpin clearly gets the better shots in. Not only did he get the better shots in, he also got the cheaper shots in, kicking Cloke right in the groin as he lays face down on the pitch.

O’hAilpin was suspended indefinitely from the team for the brawl/attack.

Blues chief executive Greg Swann said, “Setanta’s actions were totally unacceptable, on or off the field and we are bitterly disappointed in the incident with Cameron Cloke.”

So in case anyone was curious, there is indeed a line that can be crossed when it comes to violence in Aussie Rules.

O’hAilpin banned over trial match fight []
Setanta O’hAilpin Suspended From Aussie Rules Team For Attack On Teammate Cameron Cloke [FanIQ]

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  • elmocutthroat

    Quoting the Aussie news, they, “Threw the book at him,” also deciding to, “Make an example of him.” Which they have done by now suspending him for a full 3 weeks. That must really hurt..

  • th_goducks94

    It wouldn’t be the first time. Our own teammates for the Portland Power have gotten into it, in Metro games. They punch, and have a beer afterwards, with no hard feelings.

  • Jonathan

    Oh, I’m sure. It would be a lot harder to get over it though if a guy cheap shotted you like that. I get that tempers run high, but that was uncalled for.