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More Sumo Wrestlers Getting Caught With Weed. Michael Phelps Approves.

Sumo wrestling fans in Japan are becoming increasingly worried about the sanctity of the sport as more and more wrestlers have been getting caught with marijuana. So that fat stoner friend of yours might not be a waste, he could be in training.

While Michael Phelps can get caught smoking weed out of a bong and have people go only slightly nuts, if sumo wrestlers get caught, they are looked upon with shame, scorn, and all those other things usually reserved for murderers.

Of course, drug use is much less frequent in Japan, and the penalties are much stronger.

In the past few months, four wrestlers have been kicked out of the sport, including one from Japan and three from Russia.

The latest bust of a wrestler named Wakakirin has seen the largest outcry.

“We are appalled by his utter folly,” said The Asahi newspaper. “Some young people casually try pot. It is vital that we educate them on the risks of this drug from a fairly early age.”

Typically, sumo wrestlers live in stables where they learn the traditions of sumo from older masters. However, lately these traditions have become less strict as a new generation of stablemasters joins the sport.

“In the most recent cases, the normal connections are not there anymore,” said David Shapiro, a sumo color commentator for broadcaster NHK. “Stable masters normally are your surrogate fathers and now they are your surrogate stepfathers. There are certain stables where this never would have happened.”

This is not a situation where being a star can get you out of trouble. The governing body & their rules are strict, so sumo wrestlers are going to have to just say no.

Marijuana scandal jolts Japan’s sumo world [MSNBC]

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