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Welcome To The Super Bowl! Please Enjoy A Faceful Of Groin!

There were two video highlights that uh, stood out to Super Bowl viewers, and both of them envolved male groins.

During Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show (which rocked, by the way), watch as the surprisingly spry Springsteen slides across the stage just a bit too far, giving viewers a way-too-close up view of his crotch and the cameraman a black eye.

Tucson, Arizona viewers got an entirely different Super Bowl package if they were subscribed to Comcast. Following Larry Fitzgerald’s amazing touchdown sprint that put the Cardinals on top, viewers then saw a porn clip that included a penis. Fitzgerald’s touchdown was exciting for sure, but not that exciting. The video below has the nudity cut out, but for the full version go here (that one is NSFW, of course, but you might not want to watch this one either).

Comcast will be providing all Tucson customers a $10 refund. Hey Comcast, where can I sign up for this new Get Paid To Watch Pornography service?

Comcast Affiliate Airs 30 Seconds Of Porn During 4th Quarter [Awful Announcing]

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