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Daily Rubbish: Super Bowl Hangover

Apologies for no Daily Rubbish yesterday, I took a day off following that Super Bowl, which I will never speak of again following this post (and perhaps one other). I’ll let Will Leitch say my general feelings, since he did a better job of it than I would ever do. Though I would like to add, how can you not at least do a full review of that last play? 99% of the game was great, but it was weird how everyone rushed the end.


In case you have an urge to ogle more junk food, here are a couple more Super Bowl snack food stadiums.

And if you hadn’t yet lost your appetite, the 10 Scariest Super Bowl Fans will do the trick.

Okay, now if you somehow haven’t been sick even after that, take a look at the ugliest hockey jerseys ever.

Online generic lasix scored 61 points against the New York Knicks. Who says Mike D’Antoni’s teams can’t play defense? If you missed it, you can watch every point.

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