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British Long Jumper Jonathan Moore Jumps Naked From Roof Of House

In an attempt to qualify for the new event of nude long jumping, British long jumper Jonathan Moore jumped from the roof of a house in South Africa, just 24 hours after finishing 4th in the Yellow Pages Athletics Series meeting in Potchefstroom.

According to Lappies Labuschagne, the owner of the house, Moore was first found outside wearing a tracksuit.

“He didn’t react at all when I spoke to him. I tried English, Afrikaans and Tswana. He just wandered off,” Labuschagne said.

Later on, the long jumper returned, this time having removed the tracksuit. It was at this point that Moore, “who was described as being in a trance-like state, climbed on to the roof of the house in Potchefstroom, spread his arms out and jumped.”

Lucky for him his 6 or 7 meter fall was broken by a Ford pick-up truck. Moore then went and sat naked on a pile of bricks. He was still sitting there when police arrived.

Going out on a limb here (but not jumping naked off of it), it’s safe to say that Jonathan Moore needs some help. You don’t high jump off a roof naked unless you’re on drugs, have a mental issue, or want to risk some serious damage to many parts of your body.

He will be getting that help, as UK Atlhetics will be standing behind him (hopefully not under him).

“Our primary concern is for the welfare of Jonathan and his family at this sensitive time,” said a UK Athletics spokesman.

“UKA will do all they can to provide – or where necessary identify – the appropriate support to help nurse the athlete back to health.”

Failing that, with the 2012 Olympics being in London, they could always just petition to have naked house jumping added to the list of events.

British athlete leaps naked from house roof [TimesOnline]
GB athlete injured in naked jump [BBC]

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  • Andy

    As you said, he clearly needs help and the I find the jokey undertones of this artucle to be somewhat inappropriate.

    Andy Davies – An ex-Birchfield Harrier