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Daily Rubbish: The Not-So Super

Today is Super Bowl Media Day, so lets celebrate with a list of the Top 10 Worst Super Bowl MVPs.

Tiki Barber wishes he could have been on the that list of bad Super Bowl MVPs. Instead, people blue him on the Today Show.

PETA won’t be too happy with Chelsea’s Michael Ballack after he hit a pigeon with a ball during prematch warmups.

Will Larry Fitzgerald restructure his contract so Anquan Boldin can stay? Will Anquan Boldin even want to stay? Can we please just get through the Super Bowl first?

This year’s story of a fan willing to sell space on her body for Super Bowl tickets comes from Pittsburgh.

Who should play for the U.S. vs. Mexico in a couple of weeks? Anybody who can withstand the power of voodoo.

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