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Daily Rubbish: Joe Torre Tells All

Joe Torre has written a tell-all book about his time with the New York Yankees that includes several shots at Alex Rodriguez, among others.

The NHL All-Star Game ended in a tie, but then was won by Alexander Ovechkin. Bud Selig, if there’s ever another All-Star Game tie, here is your solution: Get Alex Ovechkin involved.

Just in case you were wondering, 61% of Canadians take 1-2 bathroom breaks during the Super Bowl, while 30% take 3-4. I don’t want to meet the other 9%.

Here is a collection of the best anti-drug PSAs from the 1980s. Not included: Steve Howe.

Eddy Curry’s ex-girlfriend was murdered in Chicago.

The latest sign the sports economy is bad: a lack of Super Bowl parties in Tampa. Everyone is probably just staying home to watch the Puppy Bowl.

Ten reasons to hate the San Antonio Spurs, in case you were looking for more reasons.

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