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Daily Rubbish: Rocker Off His Rocker Again

John Rocker supposedly got into a fight with an Atlanta sports radio host at an event. When is this guy going to get a reality show?

Taye Biddle replaced Plaxico Burress at receiver for the New York Giants in more ways than one, managing to get shot while walking to his car.

Michael Irvin is going to host a reality show that offers a Dallas Cowboys training camp roster spot as the big prize. You too, can now find a way to piss off Terrell Owens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers deserve to lose just because of Jeff Reed’s hair.

No wait, both Super Bowl teams deserve to lose because of these songs.

Here are the ugliest courts in college basketball. I’m just surprised that Boise State’s court isn’t completely blue.

RIP, The Dooze.

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