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Soccer Game Stopped Due To Parrot Imitating Referee’s Whistle

A soccer game in England between Hatfield Town and Hertford Heath was stopped for a time after a parrot began to imitate the referee’s whistle, distracting the players.

The parrot had been brought to the match by a local fan, which is apparently a normal thing to do in England.

Referee Gary Bailey said:

I’ve never known anything like it in my football career. It was a big game and there were quite a lot of people there. This woman was standing right by the touchline and suddenly unveiled a big cage with this big green parrot in it. I didn’t mind at first. But then every time I blew my whistle the bird made exactly the same sound. The players all stopped so I had to ask her to move the parrot. It was bizarre. The crowd were all laughing. Looking back I should have made far more of it and got out my red card to show to the parrot.

The parrot was ejected and has been banned from attending other matches, so it will have to be content with whistling at broadcasts on television instead.

Parrot banned from football ground for imitating referee’s whistle []

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