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Daily Rubbish: We Are All Going To Hell

Judgment is coming for me for several reasons, including being a “sports nut”, how about you?

This MMA fighter named War Machine should be having some fun with the Secret Service soon after saying Barack Obama should be assassinated. Oh, and he’s also a racist. And a dumbass too, in case you didn’t figure that part out on your own.

Deadspin editor AJ Daulerio paid off on his NFC Championship bet with Will Leitch, getting a buzzsaw tattooed on his ass. Much respect to him for going through with that, and much respect to that tattoo artist for having to look at AJ Daulerio’s ass.

Tony Stewart is partnering with Burger King. If it involves free food, the only vehicle that’s going to be transporting him is a forklift (link is worth a visit just for the Photoshop).

The New Jersey Institute of Technology won their first basketball game in 2 years. NJIT had lost 51 straight games heading into their battle with 3-15 Bryant University. Duke-North Carolina, this was not.

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