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Daily Rubbish: End Bush, Begin Obama, Begin Arizona Cardinals In The Super Bowl

As the term of George W. Bush ended and we saw Barack Obama’s begin, the sports world weighed in. Reggie Miller broke down Barack Obama’s basketball style, while a lot of bad stuff happened in the sports world while Bush was in office.

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC and earn a Super Bowl berth (more on this in forthcoming posts, I promise), and some fans didn’t take it well. It’s bad enough to watch your team lose, it’s even worse to then piss yourself afterward. The morons who burned “Go Cards” into Donovan McNabb’s lawn do need to be punished. Everyone knows only McNabb is allowed to befoul a field.

Here are the top 10 crossovers between Star Wars and sports. Not included: Oliver Miller’s cameo as Jabba the Hutt.

Tired of baseball radio broadcasts not being in sync with what you see on your television? Your prayers have been answered. No more bad announcers on national games.

A lucky Chicago Blackhawks fan won $1 million when Martin Havlat scored a goal exactly midway through a game.

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