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Daily Rubbish: Fly, Fitz, Fly

A Larry Fitzgerald action figure predicted his touchdown dive against the Carolina Panthers last week. The action figure of the Cardinals hypothetically winning the Super Bowl is just a man laughing.

And yes, Bill Simmons needs to stop whining. How long before the Sports Gal leaves him because of his gambling debt?

Always looking to screw up a good thing, the NHL is considering holding the Winter Classic in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

A time-machine follow-up (prequel?) to the minor league hockey fight from the other day, including an interview with the announcer.

Kobe Bryant wants people to pay $49.99 to access his website. For that price, there’d better be some good porn.

Senator Tom Coburn paid off a bet to fellow Senator Bill Nelson by singing Elton John’s Rocket Man. Tony Dungy does not approve.

Joe Buck needs to go before we all die. Can we please work on getting rid of Tim McCarver first?

Stringer Bell vs. Michael Scott? This can’t end well.

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