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Do Your Own Commentary On NBA Highlights and Videos With Yoostar

Think you can do a better job of announcing an NBA game than Dick Vitale? Soon you will be able to prove it.

At the recently-completed Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Yoostar unveiled their new technology, which will allow users to insert themselves into video, including movies and television, using a small video camera and green screen technology.

While the main focus is letting people pretend to be in feature films, Yoostar announced today that they will be partnering with the NBA.

The Yoostar-NBA partnership “will allow NBA fans to replace the play by play announcer or color analyst and provide their personal commentary and analysis in video highlights from their favorite team or take their turn as NBA Commissioner in announcing the top picks from NBA Drafts.”

While some might scoff at this idea, there’s potential for it to be a very popular new medium for sports fans. If blogs have allowed anyone to write about sports, Yoostar could allow anyone to provide commentary.

That said, there’s one element mentioned the press release that could prevent this from being widely used.

For each NBA team, game footage of the final minutes from a memorable game will be available for fans to access and deliver their personal commentary. Select NBA Draft clips will also be available for fans to insert commentary. The NBA video highlights and NBA Draft clips will be available for purchase and download at and

While the Yoostar hardware will go for $149.95, video clips cost extra. That alone could keep all but the most dedicated users from trying their luck as broadcasters, which is unfortunate. Everyone has to make money, but people are used to most things on the Internet being free. Will fans pay for these videos? For those who are willing and able to spend the money, this could still be an interesting opportunity.

As long as the sharing component allowed for implementation on blogs, look for budding commentators to start getting their own voices out there. The interesting question will be how the NBA (and other sports leagues that will inevitably join in) will look upon the different ways their videos are being used. Once you start letting people give their opinions, you can’t censor what they say, which could make for some interesting commentary from fans.

Judging by the quality of commentary in YouTube clips, 99% of it will be awful, but there will inevitably some people out there who can do something great with it & change the sports landscape, just like blogs did.

Watch the Yoostar in action:

Yoostar Teams with NBA to Enable Fans to Deliver Personal Commentary in NBA Video Highlights [Yoostar]

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