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Video: Conan O’Brien Hates Cleatus The Fox Robot As Much As The Rest Of Us

Last weekend, I made my girlfriend watch the Arizona Cardinals game with me. As Fox came back from a break, she noticed Cleatus the Robot dancing in the corner of the screen and asked me why it was there. I had no answer.

On last night’s episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Conan gave his thoughts on the ridiculousness of Cleatus and also showed us some of the hated robot’s deleted scenes.

If Cleatus actually did those things, he might actually be tolerable. Who wants to watch Pam Oliver or Kenny Albert anyway?

Even Conan Hates The Fox Sports Robot [Awful Announcing]

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  • Eileen

    I am sick of Cleatus and all the other interruptions on tv. I subscribe to Showtime & now they are showing promos for the United States of Tara on the bottom of the screen during a commercial free movie. What can we do to stop this? At least I can block pop-ups on my computer. We should band together and stop the insanity.