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Video: Hockey Fight With Goalie Fight – Corpus Christi Icerays vs. Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs

Minor league hockey is the greatest sport on Earth. You might as well just call it boxing on skates, since most players only seem to be there to fight each other.

This brawl between the Corpus Christi Icerays and Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs took place back in December, but video is just surfacing now. Presumably, both teams were fighting over which one has the worst nickname. I would go with Icerays.

Yes, there’s a goalie fight. But for me, the highlight comes around the 1:57 mark, when players start coming off the bench. Watch as one of the players challenges a guy who had just finished a fight and was obviously injured and shaking off some cobwebs.

You think you’re done fighting? Guess again.. this is minor league hockey, you’re done when random bench guy says you’re done.

Fight Details – Kris Tebbs vs Ken Carroll [Hockeyfights]

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  • Patrick

    I’m a bit disappointed that none of the fans got in on the action. That would have made everything complete.