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New York Giants Fans Attack And Smash Cars On Video After Loss To Philadelphia Eagles

Following this weekend’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, some New York Giants fans took their frustrations out on a couple of burned-out cars (including a Porsche) in the Giants Stadium parking lot, kicking at them and smashing them.

Don’t question why there were burned-out cars just sitting nearby, it’s New Jersey. Also, don’t question why they happened to have a Augmentin side effects bat with them, again, it’s New Jersey.

After they smashed up the cars, some genius posted the videos on YouTube. The videos have since been pulled down, presumably once someone realized they might get in trouble. Of course, Deadspin had already copied the videos to another source by that point (videos available here).

In other nominees in the category of “Dumb Decisions By New York Giants Fans”, the 2nd dumbest decision goes to that Justin guy, who really looks like he hurt himself jumping into the windshield & then rolling around on it.

The 3rd dumbest decision goes to Justin as well, being the target of the comment, “Don’t hit it toward people, man.”

Of course, this is nothing new for Giants fans, who will have a smashing good time, win or lose.

Let’s go Giants, baby, indeed.

HT: [The 700 Level] and [Deadspin]

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