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Daily Rubbish: RIP, Jay Bell’s Hall Of Fame Case

Baseball pundits weigh in on the omissions from yesterday’s Hall of Fame vote. Dan Plesac was robbed!

Eddy Curry allegedly hit on his male driver, David Kuchinsky. Curry denies the claims, saying they are “absolutely false,” and his lawyer said Kuchinsky has been trying to get more and more money from Curry over the last few months. Someone is right, someone is wrong, but whatever the case, “Come and touch it, Dave” is now part of sports lexicon.

Derek Lowe signed with the Atlanta Braves for 4 years, $60 million. That works out to $411 per Derek Lowe Face.

Get to know The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals before this weekend’s NFC Championship.

Who would have guessed that it’s not polite to taunt opposing fans who lost several team members in a plane crash?

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