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Video: I Love The BCS Song – Will Forte on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update

On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, Will Forte sang a song he wrote about his passion for the Bowl Championship Series, called “I Love The BCS.” He pretty much summed up how most college football fans feel.

Here are the complete lyrics from SNL:

I love stepping in dog crap
And I love it when children get sick
I love paper cuts on my corneas
And I love the BCS

I love hanging at the DMV
And I love finding out I’m adopted
I love eating tacos filled with uncooked chicken
And I love the BCS

Oh yeah, I love the BCS

It’s the best system ever devised
Neck and neck with the electoral college
And if you’ve got some kind of problem with that
I invite you to s my d
S my d
S my d
S my d
BCS S my d

I love the smell of sick people’s farts
And I love George W Bush
I wish he could be my dad and my lover
And I love the BCS

I love thinking about Bush with his shirt off
I love taking off his pants with my mind
He’s the lame duck that I really want to f…..

Cause, I love the BCS
Oh yeah, I love the BCS
And my hemorrhoids
I love the BCS
Robert Mugabe
I love the BCS

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