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Daily Rubbish: Game Over For Pacman

The Dallas Cowboys will be releasing Pacman Jones. Now he claims he’s going to sue ESPN after the network said he ordered 3 men shot outside an Atlanta night club. You’d think he’d be out of chances in the NFL, but the Raiders are still out there.

One Detroit Lions fan gave women another reason to laugh at him when he’s naked by commemorating their 0-16 season with a tattoo.

Nobody will win the Super Bowl this year without being disrespected.

Bill James is the latest to pile on the BCS.

Jay Glazer kicked off 2009 by licking a woman’s face. Michael Strahan is the Paris Hilton of the sports party scene these days. First, he was out with Barkley the night he got his DUI, and now this. When will the man get his own reality show?

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