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Chinese Speed Skater Gives Fans The Middle Finger

In America, if you flip off some fans, you might get suspended for a few games. In Discount brand name provera, that will get you a 12 month ban.

Chinese speed skater Song Xingyu found that out the hard way after giving rival fans a one-fingered salute at the end of a race.

Xingyu said afterward, “I apologize to all the spectators. I shouldn’t have made that gesture,” said the 20-year-old. “But I did it because some people attacked me verbally and abused my parents. I was furious.”

He also complained that fans chanted for him to fall down and also beat drums too loudly for his liking.

“We need to look into the matter and, if it is true, we will deal with it seriously,” said Lan Li, vice director of China’s Winter Sports Administrative Center. “We also hope spectators learn more about winter sports and create a friendly atmosphere for the competition.”

It sounds to me like the atmosphere is pretty good, and Song Xingyu just needs to grow a pair and learn how to compete.

Song skating on thin ice after ‘one-finger salute’ to crowd [China Daily]

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