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Daily Rubbish: It’s Tough To Be An Unemployed Ass Photographer In This Economy

The photographer who took the photos of the guy hanging upside-down and pantsless from a Vail chairlift was fired. Apparently, the Vail Resorts don’t like employees provide evidence for inevitable lawsuits in their free time.

If you’re looking for another reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys, here are the NFL’s top stadiums by revenue.

Old man doesn’t include Rickey Henderson on his Hall of Fame ballot. In Corky Simpson’s eyes, Matt Williams > Rickey Henderson.

Michael Phelps had a swim race with Warren Sapp, all but confirming that Phelps will be reduced to being on Dancing With The Stars in a year or two.

You can add the Hard Knocks Curse to the list of sports curses that includes the Vitamin Water Curse. May I suggest the Patriots for next season?

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