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Indian Cricket Fans Build Temple Devoted To Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni

When Kurt Warner drew that picture of God, perhaps he should have drawn Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Very few American sports stars would reach the point where they would be considered gods these days. Sure, there are guys who reach that level within their home city, but opposing fans surely would disagree. On a national level, even a guy like Michael Phelps is losing his appeal.

Things are much different in India. In the city of Ranchi, a temple is being built in honor of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The temple will contain a statue of Dhoni.

“Dhoni is God to cricket and we have decided to construct a temple. He will be worshipped like other gods are worshipped in temples,” explained Jitendra Singh, president of Dhoni’s fan club.

Seeing as he can apparently fly (like any good god can), why not?

As for Dhoni’s reaction, he said, “I love my fans but this is actually a little over the top.”

Translation: You’re all crazy.

Temple built to cricketer [Ananova]

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