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Daily Rubbish: Jay Mariotti Is Like A Cockroach

Jay Mariotti has started his stint with AOL Fanhouse. Amazingly, comments are still allowed, even though the post has been up for 10 hours and contains such gems as: “And I wish you would die. But in a really funny way, like being raped with a pineapple.”

Zithromax 500mg debuted a new look, along with video instructions. Call me when they redesign the site to include interesting content & penis jokes. You can’t have a good website without penis jokes.

This year’s Paris-to-Dakar Rally neither begins in Paris nor ends in Dakar. Surely it should be renamed?

A hockey player died after being injured during a fight. This was a very unfortunate accident. I am still a fan of fighting, but a lot of leagues will re-think whether or not they should be allowed.

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