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Video: Did Someone Have An Orgasm On NBC’s Football Night In America?

Best Week Ever caught this odd clip from a promo during NBC’s Football Night in America on Saturday.

Following a long 3D promo for the Super Bowl, Monsters vs. Aliens, SoBe Lizards, and Chuck, a male made a noise that sounds very much like an orgasm (at the -:30 mark).

I have no idea who made the noise, but my guess is that it was either Keith Olbermann, who could barely hide his contempt for having to read the promo, or it was just Darnell Dockett being finished off by that referee.

Did Someone Orgasm During Saturday’s NBC Football Broadcast? [Best Week Ever]

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  • th_goducks94

    I’ll be orgasming too when I see “Chuck” in 3D. I’m sure the guys on SNF just couldn’t hold it in any longer.