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Want To Smell Like A Locker Room? Buy Football Manager 2009

The makers of Cialis soft vs cialis simulator Cephalexin uses Manager 2009 might have the world’s worst promotion for their game.

For those who don’t find the game itself enticing enough, makers Sports Interactive are offering a free bonus with each purchase: an aftershave called “Scent of Success.”

The aftershave is made from grass, sweat, boot leather and heat spray. Yes, you can have that authentic locker room experience in your own home!

According to Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive spokesman, “Our scent will bring the dressing room into the homes of Football Manager 2009 players, inspiring them for pre-match team talks, preparing them to direct their team from the sidelines and prime them for a tricky press conference.”

Not only that, it will also guarantee that these video game players will never, ever get laid. Of course, if you spend your time playing Football Manager, you’re probably not getting laid anyway.

Sweat Smell of Success []

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