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Video Highlights: Arizona Cardinals Beat Atlanta Falcons – NFL Playoffs

The Arizona Cardinals put on an impressive show today, beating the Atlanta Falcons 30-24. Everyone expected the Falcons to run all over the Cardinals, but the reverse was true. The Cards ran the ball early, setting up Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald after a fleaflicker.

Early in the 2nd half, it was the Cardinals defense that came up big. Antrel Rolle had a fumble land in his arms after Darnell Dockett hit Michael Turner on a handoff. He then took it to the end zone and treated us to the Dirty Bird.

See below for even more highlights.

One highlight that didn’t make the cut was one that was overlooked by most, including the NBC announcers. On the 2nd half kickoff, the Cardinals player who made the tackle well downfield was Neil Rackers, the kicker. When you have your kicker running down and making plays, that sets a great example for the rest of the team. The defense and special teams were hitting hard all day long.

Here’s the summary for that drive, which served as the point where the game turned Arizona’s way:

1-N.Rackers kicks 73 yards from ARI 30 to ATL -3. 32-J.Norwood to ATL 27 for 30 yards (1-N.Rackers).
1-10-ATL 27 (14:53) 2-M.Ryan pass short left to 87-J.Peelle to ATL 30 for 3 yards (56-C.Okeafor). 

2-7-ATL 30 (14:17) 2-M.Ryan FUMBLES (Aborted) at ATL 25, RECOVERED by ARI-21-A.Rolle at ATL 27. 21-A.Rolle for 27 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Next week won’t be easy against the Giants or Panthers, but I’ll enjoy this Cardinals win until then. Look out, here comes the Buzzsaw!

HT: [BlackSportsOnline]

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  • tpowell25

    I meant to get over here Saturday to congratulate you, because I knew you would have something up. Congrats to the Cardinals (I hate them) for beating my Falcons (I really hate them) and I hope they do well in the next round (freakin punks).

    Seriously, congrats to you and your team, Jon. I’ll be pulling for them the rest of the way. It would be awesome to say we got put out by the Super Bowl champs, right?