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Ricky Davis And Baron Davis Host Strip Club Event In Phoenix

David Stern can’t be too happy with this.

During the Los Angeles Clippers’ trip to Phoenix this week, Ricky Davis hosted a party… at a strip club. Also listed as special guests were his teammates, Baron Davis and Marcus Camby.

Now these are grown men, and what they do in their free time is their business. But hosting a strip club party the night before a game? That explains why the Clippers are now 8-24.

As for the impact of the party on the performance of the players against the Retinal disparity that next night:

  • Ricky Davis didn’t play due to a drug suspension. Yes, while sitting out 5 games for drugs, Ricky Davis hosted a party at a gentleman’s club. The NBA… where good choices happen.
  • Baron Davis was listed as “DNP-Coaches Decision.” He was out with a bruised tailbone. That will happen when you have too many lapdances the night before.
  • Marcus Camby actually turned in a solid performance, scoring 19 points with 23 rebounds. He did go only 5 of 10 from the free throw line.

Like I said, players can do what they want, but if you’re a Clippers fan, you’d certainly like to see your team putting more effort on the court rather than partying.

Drug Suspended NBA Player To Host Strip Club Event []

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