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Soccer Player Gets Red Card, Returns To Field With Sword

Players get red cards, players get upset. This happens in soccer matches every day.

Usually, the player who was sent off will calm down & come to terms with what they did. One player in England saw things a bit differently.

In the Sheffield and Hallamshire Senior Cup match between Royston Villa and Mosborough, a Royston player got ejected, then returned to the field carrying a long sword and a golf club.

Most people would find a sword to be threatening enough, but apparently it was not sufficient, and thus, the golf club was required as well.

A Mosborough FC spokesman said: “One of their lads got sent off and came back and had weapons and that’s why it got abandoned. We don’t want to comment because there is an inquiry and the referee’s report has got to be submitted. We don’t want to make it sound worse than it was and want to see what the authorities have to say.”

The match was abandoned after 80 minutes, presumably after the referee abandoned a load in his pants.

Football match stopped after ejected player returns to field with sword []

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