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This Week In Skiing Technology: Ski Simulator and Segway Skiing

Over at Fatwallet, the employees seem to have way too much time on their hands, plus some cool toys. The result? The newest sport: Segway skiing.

Or would you prefer to get your indoor skiing done in a more traditional way? The SKIGYM simulator will give you all the benefits of skiing (except going for a beer & hitting on ski bunnies in the lodge afterward), without the danger of crashing into a tree.

Of course, you’ll just crash headfirst into your new plasma TV instead.

In addition to the damage you’ll do when you fall over, the skiing simulator will run you € 1,649, which is around $24 billion (give or take a few dollars).

Carpet skiing – behind a Segway [Geardiary]
Ski Home Simulator [Random Good Stuff]

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