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New York Giants Biggest Fan Considering Switching Allegiance To Philadelphia Eagles

A couple of weeks ago, Sondra Fortunato, AKA Miss Football, the New York Giants’ biggest fan, was kicked out of a game at the Meadowlands because she was wearing a low-cut Santa dress (or because she had a sign and bags with her, according to Giants security). No matter that the bags were apparently, filled with donations for Toys For Tots.

Fortunato has been wearing sparsely-covering attire & bringing signs to Giants games for over 30 years, and she had never encountered any problems before the team told her to “tone down her style, leave the signs at home, and wear a turtleneck next time”. Guess that’s what people start saying when you’re on the far side of 50.

According to Fortunato, “The cheerleaders wear less than I had on. For years, my appearance was welcomed at the games to cheer on a team that I love with all my heart and is like family to me. Now, all of a sudden, they want me to come dressed like a regular person.”

Now, fed up with the Giants & their management, she’s considering switching teams to their rival Philadelphia Eagles.

She said, “It would be hard, it really would be after all these years, to say goodbye to the Giants. But, hey, if Philly loves me, then I could love Philly.”

Good luck getting Philly to love anything other than booing & cheesesteaks. Even the Phillies will probably get booed during their ring ceremony this season. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll take to kindly to a former Giants fan suddenly cheering for their team, no matter how little she wears.

Will this queen switch allegiance to the green? []

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