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Video: Boca Juniors Juan Forlin Vicious Head Collision & Injury

You often see Cialis soft vs cialis players knock heads together, but I’ve never seen a collision that’s as violent as this one.

During a match in Argentina between Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo over the weekend, Boca Juniors defender Juan Forlin had a bad crash with Andres Silvera.

After falling to the ground, Forlin then turned blue & started to convulse. The training staff rushed to clear his tongue from his airway. He was unconscious when he was taken from the field & suffered a severe cranial trauma. Silvera fared only slightly better, as he was knocked unconscious as well.

We make fun of soccer players all the time for taking dives and faking injuries, but this is one instance that showed off just how rough the sport can be.

Adding insult to injury, Forlin’s parents’ house was robbed while they were at their son’s side at the hospital.

As for Boca Juniors, they won the Argentinian championship tonight, but will undoubtedly be tempering their celebrations a bit, as Forlin remains hospitalized.

Horror for Boca: A sickening injury to Juan Forlin [101 Great Goals] via [The Beautiful Game]
Robaron en la casa de los padres de Juan Forlín [] (Spanish)

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