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According To The Welsh Rugby Team, The Pope Has 2 Weeks Left To Die

Earlier in 2008, Wales won the prestigious Six Nations Cephalexin side effects Tournament, held every year in Europe.

It seems that researchers at the University Hospital of Wales noticed that since 1883, five popes have died in the same year that Wales won the Six Nations (or Five Nations, before Lexapro weight loss got involved) crown – this out of just 8 Pope Get keflex total.

“Every time Wales win the rugby grand slam, a Pope dies – except for 1978, when Wales were really good and two died,” said Dr. Gareth Payne.

This means that if the tradition holds, Pope Benedict XVI has less than 2 weeks left to live. Merry Christmas!

Dr. Payne then goes on to temper his research, saying, “The special theory of papal rugby is nothing more than an urban myth. This comes as something of a relief, as we’re at a loss to see how events could be linked.”

I don’t know, but if the Pope dies in the next 2 weeks, I know who the prime suspect should be.

Welsh rugby team ‘could kill the Pope’ [Metro]

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