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AL East Bandit Robs Banks Wearing Boston Red Sox & New York Yankees Hats

Last week, the Boston Red Sox introduced a new alternate logo. It didn’t take long for fans to start buying the new merchandise to go a long with it.

Nor did it take long for them to start robbing banks wearing said merchandise. Massachusetts Police are currently looking for this man, who held up a bank while wearing a cap with “two red socks on it.”

Bizarrely, the man in the photograph was also noticed in a photograph of a robbery of another bank … wearing a New York Yankees hat.

Either the guy has the loyalty of Dane Cook, or he’s making his way through the AL East teams with each bank he holds up.

Police say it will be very easy to track him once he gets to the Tampa Bay Rays, as only three Rays hats have ever been sold.

New Red Sox Logo A Hit Among Males 15-25, Bank Robbers [Deadspin]
‘Hanging Sox’ allegedly commit first bank robbery, still at large [Red Sox Monster]

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