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Cleveland Browns Fan Ticketed By Police For Riding Couch Through Stadium Parking Lot

It sounds like some people in Cleveland haven’t gotten over Tim Couch and are taking it out on anything couch-related that they come across.

Cleveland Browns fan Mike Meredith drives something called the “Go Kouch” to Browns games. The “Go Kouch” is a riding lawn mower with a couch attached. Meredith generally just rides through the parking lot before the game, taking pictures with other fans and going to tailgate parties.

On November 23rd, he decided to go a bit further and drove a friend up to the stadium entrance. He passed several Cleveland police officers, who laughed and waved him by. Unfortunately, one officer with no sense of humor gave Meredith a ticket for his vehicle, saying it was unregistered and had expired plates.

Meredith is fighting it in court, but is willing to do community service instead of paying a fine. In either case he’s covered, since his fellow Browns fans have already chipped in $500 for his defense.

Being a Browns fan though, hasn’t the poor guy suffered enough?

Cleveland Browns Fan No Longer Welcome To Drive Motorized Couches To Games? [Busted Coverage]

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