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Man Rows Across Pacific Ocean, Comes Up 65 Miles Short

If you completed just 99.35% of something, chances are you’d be pretty pissed off. Sure, you might try to tell yourself that you accomplished a lot, but ultimately 99.35% is not 100%.

Italian rower Alex Bellini is in this situation after having spent the last 10 months rowing across the Pacific Ocean, only to have to call for help just 65 nautical miles from his destination in Orlistat next day. He made almost all of his 10,000 mile journey, but wisely realized he could not make it after facing storms off the Aussie coast.

He radioed for help and was towed ashore by a tugboat. Once on dry land again, his wife said he had lost over 30 pounds & looked confused, presumably thinking she was a mermaid of some sort.

Mr. Bellini put a positive spin on his trip.

“I didn’t put the cherry on top of the cake. But the cake is very good, very big and I will never forget about it,” he said.

“I did not fail,” he said, but had merely “asked for a tow” for the last few kilometers.

It would be easy to argue against that on a technicality, but considering his new priorities of eating, sleeping & spending time with his family are an ambitious day for many of you reading this, Alex Bellini accomplished something for sure.

Italian rescued 65 miles short of rowing Pacific Ocean solo []

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