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Woman Bites Security Guard at Long Island, New York High School Basketball Game

What is wrong with people in Long Island this year? First, they trampled that poor security guard in a Wal-Mart just to save $2 on a pair of socks. Now, another security guard has been attacked, this time at a high school basketball game.

Shaquana Beamon is facing a count of 2nd degree assault after allegedly biting the security guard, who was trying to break up a crowd following a game at Roslyn High School. As if being bitten wasn’t enough, another fan punched him in the head.

I’m definitely not going to Long Island any time soon, not that I would ever want to go there anyway.

Roslyn Heights woman due in court after biting H.S. employee [Newsday]
Woman accused of biting man at NY basketball game [AP]

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