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Gym Concept Car Lets You Workout While Driving

Looking for a holiday gift for the rich, Type-A, douchebag Patrick Bateman wannabe in your life?

Looking for a holiday gift for the rich, Type-A, douchebag Bruce Wayne wannabe in your life?

Want me to stop referencing Christian Bale characters?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then let’s get on with it. Meet the Gym Car, the creation of Coventry University student Da Feng.

Not content to just let people sit in their What is doxycycline hyclate while in traffic, Mr. Feng has created a car that lets you work out while you drive. Not content to just throw some workout tools into a regular car, he figured he might as well go all out and put them into the Batmobile.

The highlights of the Gym Car:

  • Swivel side supports, pressured to simulate weights
  • Seat & pedals form stepping and rowing machine
  • Seat tension allows for pull-ups and bench press
  • Driver will look like a tool

So the next time you see someone grunting and gyrating behind the wheel of a car, the driver might be having a legitimate work out, rather than pulling an Eddie Griffin.

Gym Car Pumps You Up [Wired]

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