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Soccer Player Breaks Referee’s Jaw

Joe Preston of St. Andrews FC in England is in a world of trouble after going Hulk on a referee during a match.

The referee, Andy Parker, had given Preston a red card. Preston responded by punching the 50-year-old man, breaking his jaw.

Said Parker, “I sent a person off for violent conduct and he’s taken exception to that. He didn’t like it. I showed the red card, turned away and suddenly ‘bump’ I am on the floor. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I am totally gobsmacked.”

Gobsmacked, indeed.

What’s worse is that Preston won’t even man up and apologize to his face. He’ll punch it just fine, but apologizing is much more difficult.

Following his arrest, Preston said, “The referee didn’t deserve what happened to him. I had no right to do what I did. I am writing him a letter apologising for my action. I don’t think I could tell him face to face, as I am ashamed of myself. He was just doing his job and I was completely out of order.”

Sounds like a nice lad.

Footballer broke ref’s jaw after sending off [The Independent]

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