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Former Arena Football Player Goes Nuts, Bites Finger Of Detention Officer

Cephalexin uses coaches love it when a player shows a lot of fight. A player who doesn’t give up is valued on and off the field.

That is, unless you’re Michael Rayfield Hodges, former football player for the Tri-Cities Fever of arenafootball2, the Arena Football League that is so low-level that they can’t even afford a shift key or a spacebar.

Hodges first fight with the law came when he tried to force his way into the secured area of the Tri-Cities Airport.

Not content to have only a third-degree assault for hitting a federal security officer charge against him, Hodges then bit off the fingertip of a corrections officer after he was taken to jail. He then completed the hat trick by repeatedly punching the face of another officer.

If he keeps this up, he might find himself on the Bengals practice squad in time for Thanksgiving.

Ex-football Player Bites Off Officer’s Fingertip [MSNBC]

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