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EA Sports Introduces New Video Game Called Celebrity Sports Showdown

Ever wanted to see celebrities compete in sports competitions other than Dancing With The Stars, Pros vs. Joes and celebrity softball games?

Me neither, but Electronic Arts will be bringing this thrilling action to the Nintendo Wii just in time for the holiday season with their new game, Celebrity Sports Showdown. If you’re into retired athletes and horrible singers, this is the video game for you!

The premise of the game is simple: celebrities & athletes face off against each other in a variety of Olympic-style events.

The list of celebs & sports stars includes:

  • Paul Pierce
  • Mia Hamm
  • Kristi Yamaguchi
  • Reggie Bush
  • Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Fergie
  • Avril Lavigne
  • LeAnn Rimes
  • Keith Urban
  • Nelly Furtado

Events include:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • InnerTubing
  • Wild Water Canoeing
  • Hurdle Derby
  • Slalom Showdown
  • Cliff Hangers
  • Smash Badminton
  • Rapid Fire Archery
  • Joust Duel
  • Curling
  • Arena Dodgeball
  • Air Racers

Curling with Reggie Bush? Badminton with Sugar Ray Leonard? Count me in!

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