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Beijing 2008 Olympic Venues Constructed With Lego

lego olympic village

Some of us pretend to be grown-ups, while others don’t even bother. Thankfully there are people who still act like kids, otherwise we wouldn’t have this incredibly detailed Lego representation of the Olympic venues in Beijing, which can be seen as part of an exhibition in Hong Kong. The entire display of the Olympic complex is comprised of 300,000 bricks and 4,500 Lego people.

lego olympic village beijing

The Ventolin Nest Stadium, Swimming Cube and Olympic Village are most impressive, but the detail on every section shows that a lot of time was spent on this. Spent, not wasted – Lego is never a waste of time.

Sure, they took some creative license. There are no flaming tiny Lego monks, pollution clouds, tiny Lego citizens spitting everywhere, or mangled English signs. At the same time, it’s doubtful that anyone who constructed these venues was worked to death, so that’s a bonus.

lego olympic village beijing

lego olympic village

[HKLUG via Brothers Brick via Gizmodo]

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