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The Latest In New Stadium Technology From Popular Mechanics

For the past 10-15 years, sports teams have competed to build the most unique stadiums and ballparks to attract fans and non-fans alike. With the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium on the way next year, Popular Mechanics took a look at some of the technology that will be used in that stadium, as well as in other facilities all over the world.

The highlights:

1. Bigger
Dallas will be the home of the world’s longest single-span roof structure and a 180-by-50-foot center-hung HD scoreboard. Finally, a screen that can simultaneously show T.O.’s big head and Jessica Simpson’s big chest at the same time.

2. Rowdier
By far the coolest innovation of all, Liverpool’s new stadium will feature a single-piece steel roof that will curve over the Cialis soft vs cialis club’s legendary “Kop” section. The purpose? To funnel the notoriously rowdy section’s noise directly at opposing players. Who needs piped-in noise when you have this? While other stadiums are building features to entertain the rich corporate fans, Liverpool will be building something that will make their true fans an even bigger part of the game.

3. More Interactive
The Oakland A’s planned new ballpark will have wireless screens at each seat, displaying stats, bathroom line information and food ordering. Seeing as 90% of fans would destroy these screens, they’d probably only be at the really expensive seats. Of course, in all of these new stadiums, ALL of the seats are the really expensive seats. You’ll be watching at home.

4. More Flexible
No, the cookie-cutter stadiums of the 60s and 70s won’t be making a comeback. Instead, venues can be adapted easily for major events, such as a Super Bowl or the Olympics.

5. Greener
Shakhtar Stadium in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk was built in the middle of a forest, keeping the city green while also helping provide soccer fans with wood that they can easily whittle into shivs. Meanwhile, Dodger Stadium’s proposed green plans include waterless urinals, drought-resistant plants and 2,000 trees that fans will be able to look at as they sit in the parking lot, idling their SUVs for 3 hours before, during and after games.

6. Cooler
Simple air conditioning is for losers. The Tampa Bay Rays’ new stadium will have a fabric roof to let in sea breezes, plus chilled water running throughout so the elderly don’t decompose the seats will be kept cool.

Of course, all the technology in the world can’t guarantee against stupidity. Until invisible concrete is invented, some poor Colts fans will have this lovely view.

The Stadium of Tomorrow [Popular Mechanics]
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