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Two Washington Nationals Fans Killed on Open Top Double Decker Bus On Way To Ballpark

When I took drivers ed in high school, our teacher showed us this video of a double-decker bus hitting a low-hanging bridge. I have no idea why he did this, other than to discourage us from ever becoming double-decker bus drivers.  In my case, not only did it do that, but it also kept me from ever wanting to do something crazy on the top of one of these buses, so thank you, Coach Duane.

Unfortunately, not everyone acts in a safe manner on a double-decker bus. On Friday night, two Washington Nationals fans were killed in an open-top bus on the way from RFK Stadium to Nationals Park to see the game against the Houston Astros. According to Keflex price in canada, the men were standing as the bus went through an underpass, possibly even on the seats, ignoring warning signs and announcements. After the incident, the bus pulled over at the nearby Marine Barracks. Several Marines gave aid to the men and the traumatized passengers, who were co-workers of the two men. Both were remembered on Sunday with a moment of silence before the game.

2008 has deadly year for fans at or near ballparks. In addition to this incident, an Atlanta Braves fan and a New York Mets fan were killed in separate escalator incidents, while a San Francisco Giants fan was killed in a fight at AT&T Park.

As we pause for the All-Star Break, be sure that you stay safe out there the rest of the season. While freak accidents can happen, we don’t need to be hearing more stories like this one.

2nd Victim In Open-Top Bus Accident In D.C. Dies [Washington Post]

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